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Fitness facilities at the Villa Magna in Madrid include a modern gym, and a wellness centre. Both provide a user-friendly and welcome respite from the busy capital after a long day of business or shopping.

We offer our guests the state-of-the-art solution for those who seek a professional training experience but also want to be entertained. Our workout machines are equipped with a multimedia interface with Internet connectivity and a built-in, 19” screen for viewing and listening to video and audio content whilst working out.

This area is complemented by ladies and gentlemen's locker rooms, as well as a steam room in the ladies area and with sauna and steam room in the gentlemen’s area.

To the Public

The Villa Magna's Fitness Club is now open to the public. Everyone who wants to work out deserves to do so in an intimate and exclusive environment. Members will be guided by the highly qualified staff of the Club Wellness by Kiara Kare.

The Fitness Club's members will also have discounts on the treatments at the Club Wellness by Kiara Kare and on the hotel's parking fees. 

For further information about the Fitness Club and how to join please contact the Villa Magna or the Kiare Kare directly.

The Fitness Centre is open from 7:00a.m. to 21:00p.m. from Monday to Sunday (including holidays).

Price: Registration fee is €250 and the monthly fee is €100.

Personal Training

For those who love exercise and working out and wish to continue with their training while travelling or for those who would like to take advantage of their stay to dedicate some time to do some extra physical activity, Club Wellness by Kiara Kare® offers a highly qualified team of experts in personal training, who will customize your training session depending on your wishes, needs and objectives.

•      Traditional weight training: strengthening of the musculo-skeletal structure, working muscle by muscle.

•      Functional training: improvement of the organism, working various muscle groups at a time and aiming at multi-articular and coordination exercises.

•      High Intensity training (HIT): Aerobic interval training. Ideal to improve your physical form and resistance. Also a great fatburner!

•      Tabata: Aerobic interval training of the highest and most concentrated intensity. Ideal for those who concentrated want great results in a very little time.

•      Cross Training: complete physical conditioning, with aerobic exercise as well as exercises for strengthening. Improves resistance and balance.

•      Yoga (hatha/flow/astanga): a set of physical and mental practices and disciplines with the objective of improving the balance between the body and the mind. Key words are strength, flexibility, balance and breathing.

•      Pilates: a system of physical and mental training based on traditional gymnastics, traumatology and yoga; where muscular dynamics and strength are combined with mental control, breathing and relaxation.

The price per session is 85€ from 7am until 9 pm. If you would like an out of hours session please consult us

Contact or please call +34 91587 1234

Ask for Manuel!

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