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What Others Say About Us

"Once again I prove to be a most wonderful guest. No need to thank me, it is indeed my pleasure"    

Robbie Williams 

“As always, the hospitality was generous and exquisite. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again soon.”"

Cameron Diaz

“Thanks very much for making my stay here pleasant and enjoyable. I am sure we will meet again. Warm regards. ”
Pau Gasol

“Marvellous Hotel. Great service. Thanks!”
Hugh Jackman

“Thank you for a wonderful visit, excellent treatment and great location. We hope to be back soon. My best wishes.” Roger Federer

“To the gorgeous Villa Magna. What a lovely place! Congratulations, everything is perfect here. I have finally found my home in Madrid with you! With love.”
Gwyneth Paltrow

“It has been a pleasure to come back to Madrid and find the marvellous Hotel Villa Magna and the affection the Spanish people have for Brazil and our people. Thank you for everything and I hope to be back soon. Best wishes.”
Luis Lula da Silva- President of Brazil

“Many thanks for taking such good care of us!”
Mark Knopfler

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