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The Villa Magna invites you to savor the best of Spanish and international cuisine. Creative recipes and exotic dishes will delight even the most discerning palates. The culture of the tapa predominates, and the offer ranges from timeless classics such as the potato omelette to the most contemporary creations.

Take a glance at the top restaurants in Madrid

The Classics

The fact that Madrid is home to the oldest restaurant in the world, Casa Botín, is a clear indicator of its gastronomic tradition. Other Guardines of traditional cuisine are Casa Lucio, famous for its huevos estrellados (Spanish-style fried eggs) and for attracting international celebrities (Cava Baja, 35. Tel. 91 365 32 52), and the historic and grand Lhardy (Carrera San Jerónimo, 8. Tel. 91 521 33 85). If you are aiming to clinch that important business deal around the dining table – a very Spanish custom– and in an elegant setting, two restaurants stand out: Zalacaín, which is arguably the first great restaurant that opened in Spain (Álvarez de Baena, 4. Tel. 91 561 48 40), and Horcher, which offers central European haute cuisine and succulent game dishes (Alfonso XII, 6. Tel. 91 522 07 31). Regional specialities can be found in restaurants such as Alkalde, focused on Basque cuisine (Jorge Juan, 10. Tel. 915763359); Combarro, Galician cuisine (Reina Mercedes, 12; Tel. 91 554 77 84); and St. James, the best Valencian rices in Madrid (Juan Bravo, 26. 91 575 60 10), El Paraguas, traditional Spanish cuisine with a contemporary touch (Jorge Juan, 16 .Tel. 914 31 59 50).

Modern Cuisine

Madrid is home to some of the most creative chefs from all over Spain, whose excellence has been recognised by the Michelin Guide. There is a long list of two-star restaurants (and more than one is on its way to a third). In the palatial setting of the Terraza del Casino is where Paco Roncero, outstanding pupil of Ferrán Adrià conjures up some surprising creations (Alcalá, 15. Tel. 915 32 12 75), while in Santceloni, Óscar Velasco continues the legacy of the late Santi Santamaría; by the way, their cheeseboard is the best in the capital (P. de la Castellana, 57. Tel. 91 210 88 40). Ramón Freixa has brought a Mediterranean flavour to the relaxing ambience of the restaurant which bears his name (Claudio Coello, 67. Tel. 91 781 82 62), although it was Sergi Arola who was the first to arrive from Barcelona. Experience and efficiency combine in Arola Gastro (Zurbano, 31. Tel. 91 310 21 69). The latest to achieve this venerated status are the great maestro of fusion, David Muñoz, chef of Diverxo (Pensamiento, 28. Tel. 91 570 07 66), and the imaginative renovator of classical haute cuisine, Diego Guerrero, in the Club Allard (Ferraz, 2. Tel. 915 59 09 39). Do not miss one of the nicest Gastrobars, Ten con Ten. Excellent food and trendy ambience. (Calle de Ayala, 6. Tel. 915 75 92 54).


To enjoy the city as the locals do, there is one activity that cannot be missed: eating tapas. It is, we have to say, a gastronomic exercise that may be done in a variety of ways. On Sundays and public holidays, after a visit to the Rastro market, you can go from bar to bar along the Cava Baja. But if you prefer to have everything within reach, we recommend the San Miguel Market, a fine example of cast-iron architecture which after its restoration combines stalls offering gourmet produce with a variety of bars with specialties such as oysters (Plaza de San Miguel, s/n). The latest trend is the so-called gastro-bars of modern design offering creative tapas such as La Gabinoteca (Fernández de la Hoz, 53. Tel. 913 99 15 00), other option is the Lateral, which has a marvellous terrace (P. de la Castellana, 132. Tel. 91 561 33 37) Enjoy the best of the Spanish cuisine flavours in No (Puigcerdá,8.Tel. 91 431 64 56), The Patio (Palacio de Santa Bárbara, Hortaleza 87. Tel. 638 03 78 79) a unique palace in the center of Madrid where bar and boutique coexist. And if you want to taste some real delicacies, the best way is to let yourself be seduced by the latest culinary sensations: Laredo (Doctor Castelo, 30. Tel. 91 573 30 61) and Arzábal (Doctor Castelo, 2. Tel. 91 557 26 91), two recommendations that will please everybody.

From Madrid to the World

There is a wide choice of exotic flavours to be found in Madrid, with restaurants that will surprise the most cosmopolitan traveller. Kabuki is where the brilliant sushi man Ricardo Sanz creates, successfully combining Spanish ingredients with Japanese recipes (Av. del Presidente Carmona, 2. Tel. 91 417 64 15). The essence of south-east Asia with a creative touch can be experienced in Sudestada (Ponzano, 85; Tel. 91 533 41 54). Peruvian chef Gastón Acuario exhibits the excellence of the ceviche in A&G (Ayala, 27. Tel. 91 702 62 62) whilst Punto MX leads Mexican cuisine to the most sublime heights (Gral. Pardiñas, 40. Tel. 91 402 22 26). Enjoy some snacks with an international flavour in the Tartan Roof while you marvel at the best views over Madrid from the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Alcalá, 42. Tel. 672 55 71 71). Located in a traditional neighborhood is Rubaiyat (Juan Ramón Jiménez 37. Tel. 91 359 1000) with the best dishes of Brasilian cuisine.

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